Allergies In Wichita Falls TX

understanding allergies and chiropractic

Do you suffer from allergies in Wichita Falls TX? To begin to understand allergies, it is important to have knowledge of what their fundamental cause is. A large majority of the population in America is under the misunderstanding that allergies are caused by a specific substance such as; milk, peanuts, animal dandruff, pollen, seafood, etc. If this were the case, and these substances were the root cause of allergies, wouldn't everyone that is exposed to them has an allergic response?

We all know that this doesn't happen, but the question then becomes why. If these substances are not responsible for the life-threatening symptoms of allergies such as; hives, sneezing, wheezing, constriction of the air passages, and more, then what is? Our team at Texas Medical Allergy Chiropractic hopes this article will be helpful for you and your family.

Allergies in Wichita Falls TX

How can I keep my bucket from overflowing?
If you've lived in North Texas for more than a few seasons, you likely struggle from time to time with seasonal allergies.  If this is you, consider yourself lucky.  Many more people suffer from airborne allergies all year long.  Thankfully, you no longer have to deal with these issues by masking them with daily antihistamines or encountering full-fledged sinus infections...or worse.

At TMAC you can battle the top 48 airborne allergens prominent to our climate through specialized immunotherapy.  We will do a skin test (no needles) to find out what you are allergic to.  This skin test takes about an hour from start to finish and is typically accepted by most insurance providers.

With the findings from the allergy test, our allergy technician will use the latest in technology to formulate a serum that you will start to inject (needles this time) in an effort to build your immunity to whatever nasty allergen you are allergic to.  Over time, your immunity is built up and you are free from symptoms!

If you are interested in addressing the cause of your allergies in Wichita Falls TX and the possibility of eliminating the potential for a life full of antihistamines and allergy shots, please contact our Texas Medical Allergy Chiropractic office today.


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